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  • FAQs

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    Do I need a referral from a doctor or other care provider in order to begin psychotherapy?

    No, you do not.

    How long do you usually take to reply?

    I typically respond within a business day or less to messages. For reasons of confidentiality, I do not call back numbers unless a message is left, so if you really want to get in touch with me, please leave a message. If for any reason it’s not safe for me to leave a message for you, state that clearly and I won’t. I will keep trying until I catch you. I have a strong preference for e-mail over voice mail and text messaging, but will respond to all inquiries.

    When are you available? Do you have weekend/evening/holiday appointments?

    I normally work Monday through Friday between 10 am and 5 pm. I typically respond as promptly as possible to messages received during these hours. I have very limited evening appointments available.
    I do not work (or respond to messages promptly) on weekends, holidays, or during vacations.
    I do not and cannot provide crisis services.

    How quickly will I be able to start seeing you?

    If my practice is open (which it currently is), and you are a regular fee client, you can likely get in within a week, perhaps sooner if you have a lot of availability. If you are asking to be a sliding scale client, there is usually a waiting list, and it might take a few weeks or months.

    Can you take my sibling/parent/child/partner as a client?

    I can, but only if they contact me themselves. I cannot set up appointments or even consultation calls on someone else’s behalf. A person must be ready, willing, and fully consenting for psychotherapy to work well; coaxing/pushing them into it is usually counterproductive. Of course, you are concerned; but if your loved one is so incapacitated that they can’t make calls or send e-mails on their own behalf, they will almost certainly not be able to make use of psychotherapy, and I urge you to consult your family doctor and/or look into in-patient treatment options.

    Is psychotherapy covered by OHIP?

    The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover the cost of the services of registered psychotherapists in private practice.

    Do you take insurance? Are you covered by my benefits?

    I cannot bill insurance companies directly, but all of my clients so far who have insurance coverage have found that their insurance plans/employee benefits covered my psychotherapy services. However, you are responsible for ensuring that your particular plan covers my services; you should consult your health plan insurer.

    You will pay by credit card for each session and I will provide you with a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

    Would I be able to see you through my Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)?

    I am not currently part of any Employee Assistance Plan (EAP).

    Do you offer sliding scale?

    I do offer sliding scale, but have a limited number of spots in my practice for clients who cannot afford the regular fee. These spots are usually full, but you can go on my waiting list for a sliding scale spot, if paying the regular fee is not an option, or I can try to find referrals within your budget.

    What forms of payment do you take?

    Payments are made by credit card. When you become a client, you will be sent a secure link to register and create a client account. You will read and accept the consent form, and you will link a credit card in your account. The videotherapy software I use is integrated with Stripe, a payment processor. You will pay by credit card for each session and I will provide you with a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement.
    If you do not have a credit card, we can discuss other methods of payment. Please feel free to ask me about this.

    Do you charge HST?

    Yes. Registered psychotherapists are not HST-exempt yet but we are lobbying the government toward that goal.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    It’s important that we meet consistently in order to make progress in your treatment. The cancellation policy is that you must give me one full business day’s notice of cancellation. This means that if your appointment is 11 am on Monday, for example, I require notice by 11 am Friday. (Saturday and Sunday are not business days for me.) The first late cancellation (less than one business day’s notice) and the first no-show (not showing up for a scheduled appointment) are charged at 50% of my regular fee, regardless of whether you are a sliding scale or regular fee client. After that, late cancellations and no-shows are charged at the full amount of your regular rate.

    How can I figure out whether a psychotherapist is right for me? Do you offer free consultations?

    It can take time and effort to find the right psychotherapist for you, and the fit between client and psychotherapist is one of the most important factors in the success of treatment. That is why I offer a free 20-minute consultation to all prospective clients: it’s an opportunity for us both to assess fit without any commitment or cost, and it’s in everyone’s best interests. It is of the utmost importance that you like, trust, and respect your psychotherapist. No one is the right or best psychotherapist for all potential clients, and if I do not feel I can do my best work with you, I will refer you to other psychotherapists or do what I can to help you find the supports you need.

    Is online psychotherapy confidential?

    Yes. The videotherapy software I use provides secure and confidential sessions, with end-to-end encryption. The office from which I work is private and confidential. I strongly recommend that all my clients find a private and confidential space from which to conduct sessions, where they will not be interrupted or overheard.

    What happens at the first session?

    During the first session we will complete a detailed intake form together, discuss clinical goals, begin to formulate your treatment plan, and review policies. I will also be able to answer any questions you have that were not answered during our consultation call. Also, if you want me to coordinate your care with your other care providers, we can initiate the paperwork for that.

    How long are appointments? Can I have longer appointments or a frequency other than weekly?

    Appointments are 50 minutes. If you wish to arrange longer appointments, either regularly or occasionally, that is possible. They are priced accordingly. Frequency of appointments is discussed during consultation and at the intake session; most often, weekly appointments are indicated at the outset of psychotherapy, but occasionally, twice-weekly appointments are appropriate. After a few weekly sessions, it can be therapeutically appropriate to have sessions less frequently. Everyone’s situation is individual and there is no one rule that fits every client.

    Can I see you in person?

    Until the pandemic began, I was exclusively seeing clients in person. Since March 2020, I have transitioned my entire practice to online psychotherapy sessions. I no longer have office space for clients and will not be able to see clients in person until the pandemic is resolved, but I look forward to that day. In the meantime, virtual psychotherapy is convenient, effective, and 100% safe from infection.

    Will you diagnose me? Can you prescribe medication?

    Psychotherapists cannot provide diagnoses nor prescribe medication. For prescriptions you will need to consult a medical doctor (either your family physician or a psychiatrist). For diagnoses, it may depend on the condition, but family physicians, psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists are among those who can provide official mental health diagnoses. Registered psychotherapists, which is the professional field in which I work, can assess and treat. If you are coming to psychotherapy with diagnoses you have previously received, we will of course take those into account in planning your treatment.
    For more detailed information on navigating the mental health care systems in Ontario:

    Are there any issues or types of clients that you DON’T work with?

    I only work with adult individuals 19 and up (i.e., I do not treat children, adolescents, couples, or families). I do not conduct child custody evaluations nor do I provide custody recommendations. I don’t provide treatment for eating disorders.

    I live in Alberta/Bermuda/California/Djibouti/El Salvador… Can I be your client?

    Due to laws governing psychotherapy, I can only provide psychotherapy services to clients residing in Ontario, Canada. These laws apply to online psychotherapy, too.

    When you’re ready to feel better…

    Contact me at (289) 382-9103 or [email protected] schedule your free 20-minute consultation. If you reach my confidential voice mail, please leave a detailed message about when and where to get back to you. I will get back to you as soon as I can.